The School of Cyborg




The School of Cyborg (SoC) is a project that Dundee Based Digital Art Festival NEoN proposes in a joint effort with students from MA Culture Criticism and Curation from the University of the Arts London. The School of Cyborg, an international group of MA students, will “warm up” the city before the festival: they will be present in Dundee the 6th and 7th of November 2021.

The program SoC proposes is oriented to tackle Dundee communities’ digital gaps and aims to involve local groups to raise consciousness on the theme and to provide tools to be active and work for a change. These groups will be paired with internationally renowned digital artists, proposing thematic workshops where the presence of locals will be paired with the effort of artists, aiming to enhance knowledge creation and sharing. The program features workshops, talks and roundtables to share the results of the workshops with the city. This event will also be a starting point for NEoN’s project of local community wifi.
Integration and inclusion become key features for the project, especially when dealing with difficult-to-reach communities in the city. To do this, the events and the workshops will be designed and thought about with the communities involved.


︎ Main Partners
NEoN Digital arts Festival
University of the Arts London @ Central Saint Martins
Kathryn Rattray Gallery

︎ Program Partners
Shannon McRae (Fredonia University)
Marina Dragzilla (Feminist Internet)
Evie Edwards (2020 Fine Arts Graduate)

︎ Friends
Ailie Rutherford (NEoN 2021 Curator)
Kathryn Rattray (Gallerist @ KRG, Dundee)
Lee Weinberg (Central Saint Martins)
Charlotte Webb (Central Saint Martins + Feminist Internet)
HER:She Loves Data

︎ Technical Support
Alejandro Ball (Website Development)
Devina Kumar (UAL External Liaison Coordinator)

︎ People
Alison Green (Central Saint Martins)
Donna Holford-Lovell (NEoN Director)
Sabrina Logan (NEoN Development Officer)

Art Director, Project Manager, Legal+Disciplinary, Legacy Manager
Asta Mockeviciute Asta is a Student in Culture, Criticism and Curation MA at Saint Martins London. Focus on art market, producing commercial and curatorial art projects. She is interested in visiting museums worldwide, travelling.


Art Director, Event Manager, Graphics+Identity, Logistics
Catherine Li Catherine has many interdisciplinary practices in the art field such as graphic design, photography, cinematography, music festival and curation. With the study background of art history and curating, Catherine currently focuses more on the participants in art practices and the artistic reproduction of specific spaces, using both theoretical and practical methods during studying in her Master in Culture, Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins.


Cultural Manager, Project Manager, Location Manager, Web Design
Carlo Mazzeri Carlo is an architect, educator, tabletop nerd, urban hiker and spare time illustrator. Interested in opensource and participative processes, after graduating at Politecnico di Milano in Architecture and Criticism, he worked for an architecture firm in his hometown, Novara, Italy.


Communication + SMM, Graphics+Identity, Empathy Manager
Franki McDade Franki is a lighting designer and director from the Isle of Man. Having spent the past 14 years touring with live music productions, she now finds herself settled in London. She enjoys immersive experiences, cooking and films.


Budget+Finance, Exhibition Manager, Audience Development, Sustainability Manager, Legacy Manager
Zifan Zhao Zifan is interested in the digital art and participatory art. Having a background of education and fine arts, she has been thinking about how curation can link to public aesthetic education.

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School of Cyborg Dundee

is a UAL Central Saint Martins - MACCC Project
with the joint effort of NEoN Digital Arts Festival for the 2021 Edition

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