with Shannon McRae

Are we cyborg?
How do we shape our online identities?
Is our online identity political?

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If the link does not work, please find the conversation garden talk here.

The conversation with Shannon McRae will focus on the themes of online identity: from roleplay to catfishing, how our real-life shapes and is shaped online? With the help of the American scholar, we will delve into the short-circuits that happen when IRL and URL collide. We will be using the figure of the cyborg as a thread through which to develop a conversation around queer, feminism, social justice.  The event will be oriented towards inclusivity and accessibility, aligning with SoC’s aim to engage with local community groups and address the digital gender divide.  

In line with NEoN's Wired Women * theme, we will focus on and highlight women's digital art*.
School of Cyborg Dundee

is a UAL Central Saint Martins - MACCC Project
with the joint effort of NEoN Digital Arts Festival for the 2021 Edition

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