Asta Mockeviciute

Asta is an MA CCC Student at Saint Martins London. Focus on the art market, producing commercial and curatorial art projects. She is interested in visiting museums worldwide, travelling.

Asta is SoC Art Manager, she manages artist liaisons and will develop the plan for the legacy of the project. She’s as well in charge of the disciplinary and legal management.

Asta ︎


Welcome, dear friends!

This is Asta from School of the Cyborg and student at UAL Saint Martins in London. I’m a part of a group of students who will contribute writing in this blog. I was really excited and looking forward to writing this blog and share some significant information about the School of the Cyborg to the public. The project which we all are working on during this Summer began almost four months ago and now we have reached a significant milestone, we have prepared our event program. After a lot of discussion, we are developing something unique, exclusive that will catch the attention of everyone, something that will be above and beyond the digital space. We hope to develop a space where everyone will have access as the Internet is an open protocol. Since we cannot publish yet the program, there are other giveaways in this blog post.

First to give you a little background on what the School of the Cyborg is, here is the link to our curatorial statement.

SoC’s Curatorial Statement.

And we also would like to share with you our precious Miro board, which can be simply found by taking a picture of the QR code you can find here with your smartphone. There you can see how the team built on the research and presented the ideas more visibly.

SoC’s Miro board

The School of the Cyborg is a student's Masters degree practical project. The school is known to be an open-source, digital tool, a community space that is inclusive and safe. It aims to influence and generate knowledge as well as the ecosystem altogether. As explained by Donna Haraway- a cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid machine and a creature of social reality and fiction. A quote from Cyborg Manifesto:

“One important route for reconstructing socialist-feminist politics is through theory and practice addressed to the social relations of science and technology, including crucially the systems of myth and meanings structuring our imaginations. The cyborg is a kind of disassembled and reassembled, post-modern collective and personal self. This is the self feminist must code.”

The project, conscious of its nature and the ability, but having a strong personality, dedicated and driven to give great outcomes for the community.

It can be said that when we look back at this journey so far, we can see how hard and stressful it was for us to conduct the project in these uncertain times. We were not sure about anything and a lot of questions were coming to mind that required answers. What did community WIFI actually mean for society? What were the curatorial values and what we wanted to accomplish with them? Many more valid questions demanded an answer, so, as a team we utilised some potential strategies to get the answers such as regular meetings, one on one meetups, brainstorming as well as presentations which helps us develop some practical level strategies to conduct the whole project effectively. Without utilising digital tools, it would be hard to get a better understanding of Dundee communities, especially that our team were not able to physically go there yet. Therefore, the decisions that we made, the approaches we adopted helped us accomplish our aim.  It is quite exciting to do something for the sake of others, offering the public a better option, doing something that we had never done before. 

Our curatorial development, after organising the partners of the project, was increasingly focused. Since the start we have researched and decided on particular areas of interest for the programme of the events. We also decided on the budget after calculating all costs for the project as the planning budget is one of the most important parts of any project. The financial reality develops an emergency for everyone to be focused on the possible strategies that can be effectively applied to this matter. To efficiently conduct the project, the approach must be adopted to the plan, balance must be found if any changes that need to be implemented in case of new developments. We aimed to provide clear views on the matter- not only to curators, but also considering the artists and our partners. It’s not a surprise that a lot of compromises must be taken during the process of organisation of such scale. When we were at the early stages of brainstorming, we needed assistance and help from professionals so we established a very valuable communication link with NEoN. Due to this, we were offered many options for possible partners, even a gallery space dedicated to the School of the Cyborg to realise this particular project. Thus, making it a huge success so far.   

Thinking about our curatorial practice, this project offered us enormous experience, and we are  privileged to support NEoN and be involved in furthering their mission. The values of the curatorial work include, but are not limited to contributing and promoting learning, dialogue and inquiry by serving the public good. Not only this, as curators we also help to develop the breadth and depth of human knowledge available to the general public. Therefore, this approach and spirit is what School of the Cyborg  ultimately believes in. We are using the bold, fearless and charismatic approach in the project while willing to take any kind of risk as well as make mistakes to learn from. It is said that great curators embrace as well as expose unexpected sources and make bold predictions about the beliefs and passions by seeing around the corners. Thus, we are dealing with the challenges and problems throughout the project very carefully. I think that these challenges that we encountered are what made us stronger and lead to innovation and creativity as a team and each individually.

While we are creating an aspiring project, we consistently evaluate our suggestions and ideas, checking the project, again and again, to make sure there are no errors or faults left behind. After almost completing the programming of the project, we got our answers and saw the importance of digital tools and technology in our lives. I believe that our audience engagement with technology and digital art highly contributes to creating awareness about the digital divide. We aim to offer a safe and exclusive space for people where they can easily interact with digital tools, creating something socio-political and artistic, of value. We proved to be an amazing team, with each of our differences, being from four different countries and two continents, working together to help others and I can say that this project proves to be quite engaging, exciting and inspiring for everyone.

Hence, our passion and excitement are still at their peak to conduct the project as it is something exciting and challenging for all of us which leads to more creativity and innovation.

Thank you, all for reading,

Stay safe and happy!


School of Cyborg Dundee

is a UAL Central Saint Martins - MACCC Project
with the joint effort of NEoN Digital Arts Festival for the 2021 Edition

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